• First Nations Management Consulting (FNMC), based on Vancouver Island, is a firm that offers personalized service to Leaders, Chief and Council, Health Directors, Health Staff, Tribe staff, and First Nation organizations seeking to improve their operations.
  • FNMC structures an approach to transitioning individuals, staff, teams, and organizations from where they are now to where they would like to be by motivating staff, improving communication, productivity, and organization operations efficiency.
  • FNMC creates business plans, marketing plans, operational plans, human resource plans, and business cases so your business idea or existing business will expand to its full potential.
  • FNMC focuses on the capabilities, financial resources, management, and partnerships of First Nations.
  • FNMC was created to support leadership in their quest to achieve healthy communities.
  • FNMC delivers the highest levels of professionalism, experience, and confidentiality.

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