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Community economic development (CED) can also be described as a process that influences growth and restructuring of an economy to enhance the economic, social, and ecological well-being of a community.

The main goal of community economic development is to improve the economic well-being of a community through efforts that entail job creation, job retention, tax base enhancements and quality of life. In addition to improving the economic well-being of a community, with the realized gains from economic development, the community is able to address the non-economic priorities of the community such as providing for the identified priority health and wellness programming, education, Elder and youth programs, and so forth. Thoughtful and purposeful community economic development serves to further the communities’ journey towards self-determination.

As there is no single definition for economic development, there is no single strategy, policy or program for achieving successful economic development. Communities differ in their geographic and political strengths and weaknesses. Each community therefore, will have a unique set of challenges for economic development.

Community Economic Development

FIRST NATIONS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING will conduct activities that promote commerce or industry that improves Community economic opportunities and social conditions of an identified community, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged, and generally display high rates of one or more. … Continue reading

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